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I am creating a variety of art with traditional medium and digital. Paintings and illustrations are my passion. Book me now for your next project. Click the link to learn more about my art services.

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If you want the best, I will give you just that. I specialize in black and grey but do enjoy color for sure. I am open to many different styles and love a new challenge. Book me now!

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03. Graphic Design

Whether you want graphics for your online presence or some slick designs for a cool project, we can help. Contact us today and let's get this project started.


Art created to inspire. I love creating art for your wall, clothing, social media, tattoo or just for fun!

Venom Watercolor

Watercolor and ink is certainly something I love to work with. I was inspired to create this fan art after watching the Venom movie in theater. Used watercolor and my trusty fountain pen and ink to finish up this painting.

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Trash Polka-Emma
Trash Polka Design

I've decided to draw up a portrait of my daughter with a little bit of Trash Polka style for MY next tattoo. I mainly used Photoshop for this design.

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Fortnite Caricature
Fortnite Caricature

A little caricature fan art for a kid who loves Fortnite. For this one I used a little PhotoShop and a lot of Clip Studio Paint.

Elephant and Baby Tattoo
Elephant and Baby Tattoo

This was created for a customer who loves this watercolor style tattoo with her daughters name in it.

War Pig Character Concept
Character Concept Illustration

WAR PIG: Some fun illustration work inspired from fantasy movies. Love creating art like this just for fun!

Viking Skull
Viking Skull Tattoo Design

Illustration created for a tattoo customer which then was tattooed on him and he was quite happy.

Josh's viking tattoo
Happy Tattoo Customer

Josh really loved his viking style tattoo. He is not done yet!

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The Cure Comic
The Cure Comic

This is a rough illustration of the cover of the comic book I am working on. Keep checking back!

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Caricature Creations

Caricatures are great as gifts, for memories and even better if you are wanting good swag for your business!

Tattoo design and the actual tattoo itself is an amazing process and is something that is quite personal. LOVE!

Creating a website is not an easy task even though it looks easy. There is so much more work than you think.

Creating content for your blog or social media platforms can be challenging. With the right help, things get much more inspirational! Ideas, ideas and more ideas!

Whether it is my very own creation or custom painting, I love creating inspirational art or just art in general. Watercolor is my favourite with a mix of ink but oil and acrylic are amazing too.

One More Useless Test Post

One More Useless Test Post

Are you seeing this? Of course you are!
Wait For It!

Wait For It!

Keep checking back.
Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

Stay tuned for more to come! Website is still under construction.

Meet Richard

I, Richard Huard has been interested in art since he was a very young child. I remember my grandfather Malcolm showing me how to draw a figure 8 design. LOVE!

Richard Huard

Tattoo Artist

Richard Huard

Father/Great Guy

Richard Huard


Richard Huard

Comic Book Creator
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